Camp WeCanDu Guest Blog Post

This is a Guest Blog Post by Katie Skinker. She has been a Track and Field Volunteer for 3 years and a camp counselor for Camp WeCanDu for 5 years. 

While I always find camp to be an emotional week due to sleep deprivation and energetic kids, I knew I was in for a challenge this year.  Mid-way through the week I had to say goodbye to my long time best friend, Mary Clare, better known to the campers as MC.  Mary Clare is attending West Point Military Academy this fall and had to leave mid-week to get to summer Basic Training. I make it a point not to cry in front of other people but that Thursday afternoon as I watched her car disappear amongst the trees I lost it.  I cried for the next hour pitifully.  I anticipated the love and sympathy from the other counselors but was shocked by the response from the campers.  My cabin was packed with boys ages nine to thirteen, not your typical mature, supportive crowd.  However several of them stayed by my side making sure I was never alone.  Campers from other groups made a point to check in on me throughout the evening, showering me with hugs and smiles.  This night reminded me of how amazing DASA and its members truly are.  A community bond exists unlike one I have ever been a part of.  The kids amaze me every year growing in their compassion and maturity.  I am so thankful to take part in Camp WeCanDu.

This is a Guest Blog Post by Lexi Stuart. This was her first year as a camp counselor for Camp WeCanDu. 

This was my first summer at Camp WeCanDu & becoming part of this camp was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I loved how busy we stayed. We were always on the move, doing new activities, and trying new things. I made amazing bonds with both the campers & the counselors. I never expected that I would have such an amazing week! I loved archery, the obstacle course, the water slide, & just being with my awesome campers all the time. My favorite part was the glow in the dark bubble bus–it was so much fun to dance, sing, & play in the bubbles! One of my campers said to me, “I’ve had so many first times this week!,” and I truly believe that many campers can agree. Those campers made such a big impact on me. The week flew by. I am so happy & thankful to be a part of this awesome camp. I already can’t wait until Camp WeCanDu 2017!

This is a Guest Blog Post by Sydney Connor . This was her fifth year as a camp counselor for Camp WeCanDu. 

I have been volunteering at camp WeCanDu for 5 years now. For two of those years I have been going to nursing school and now am a certified RN. Now I am one of the camp nurses at camp and am loving it. I have always dreamed of being a pediatric nurse and working with these kids at camp is so fun and gives me many hopes of one day being there. One of my favorite memories of camp is subs diving. I think it could be one of the more challenging activities for a lot of the kids because it really pushes them to face their fears and to know they can trust people. I love seeing the kids be so timid and then when they come above water and have a huge smile on their face cause they are so proud of themselves is extremely rewarding. I don’t think I will ever stop serving DASA and Camp WeCanDu. It truly is a life changing week.

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